EMS China Post Worldwide low cost shippingEMS China Post Worldwide low cost shipping. Approved by the State Council, China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd. (“China Postal Express & Logistics”) was cofounded by China Post Group and provincial postal companies as a state-owned corporation in June 2010 company is the provider of express and logistics largest integrated with the longest history of business operation, the widest coverage and the richest Chinese products. The maximum weight for International Speed Post with EMS is 35 kilograms.

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12 thoughts on “EMS

  1. Good morning .I would like to ask you about a parcel Im waiting for.The parcel was send Monday and as I see there is no movements till now.The tracking number is EA205069822CN.Please can you infirm me about what is happening?
    Have a nice day.

  2. Tracking #: Ls348763645cn Can you please track this package. It was processed 12/09/15 and processed through sort facility 12/10/15 and there has been no updates since.

  3. hello my name is paul i am trying to locate and receive my package i tracked it on 3-15-2016 and it said they attemped a delivery today but i did not receive a package my address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx they have on the tracking info zip code xxxxxx the label on the package has xxxxx please have someone contact me at xxxxxxxxx tracking number is ea121604588cn thank you for your cooperation in this matter

  4. My parcel with tracking number(EA163879xxxxCN)is stricken at customs,please send me original way bill to my mail (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx),my brother kantipudi ragavendra booked this item

  5. Hello

    I have a tracking reference: EA25949xxxxCN, Can i please pay extra to have this before christmas as this is a gift.



  6. Please I need your help. Since 31.03.2017 is my paket in Transit from China (EMS) to Germany (DPD). LM3295xxxxCN where is my paket nobody have more information and I not get it. DPD need a number with 14 numbers… Please help and the traking number for DPD in Germany please give me a feedback

  7. Hello, I order about Wish an article from China. I noted the number on the website of the Chinese carrier but I still don’t know where is my package… can you help me please

    the parcel number is: LX28838xxxxCN
    in the direction of the Switzerland’s more exactly Bussigny on behalf of Mary I ordered 3 in 1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  8. Im trying to track my package the tracking number is EA17311xxxxCN. Can you please tell me were my package is. Thank you.

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