About China Post parcel tracking

We want your experience when importing from China to be as satisfying as possible and that no setback truncates your business plans. For this reason, today we want to talk to you about China Post parcel tracking, a special postal service with which your orders will have a preferential treatment. Do you want to know more? We tell you everything below!

china post parcel trackingChina Post parcel tracking is a special postal service offered by postal administrations in countries and regions where articles enjoy preferential treatment in postal, customs and airline companies. In short, these are urgent parcel shipments for companies with wide coverage and exceptional guarantees. Thus, companies and entities can transmit to their customer’s urgent letters, documents, bank accounts, samples and merchandise with the assurance that they will arrive on time and without any problem. With China Post parcel tracking you can send from any post office to anywhere in the world.

Its main objective is to promote cooperation among members so that they can provide customers with a high quality, competitive service throughout the world.

What is the tracking number for?

At the top, just below the comparator, you will find the message ‘Follow your shipment’, with a blank field where you must enter the tracking number of your shipment. Once you click on ‘Locate’ you will access the status of it. Once you have entered the amount, send the receipt of the transfer to the ADT e-mail so that the merchandise can be sent to you. When you have passed this step, the package will follow the normal course of shipment.

  • Guaranteed delivery of your most urgent international shipments.
  • International express delivery service of Parcel, at home and under signature. It has a wide coverage and exceptional guarantees.

Finding your tracking code

Find your tracking code! It’s super easy:

  • Access that fluctuating menu that appears when you put the mouse pointer over your photo or avatar without clicking and select the option “Order history”.”.
  • A page will appear with all the orders that you have already made in Wish, with their respective situation (canceled, finalized, etc) and their tracking code.

Tracking your packages

But, how do I use the tracking code? We have taken on the task of searching specialized websites in the international package tracking, and we find two that are famous; to see where your package is

How can I track the packages?

In the shipping confirmation email, you will receive all the necessary information to track the packages. However, you can also track your order in your Customer Center:

1) Enter ‘All orders’.

2) Search your order and click on “Tracking”

3) You can also click on “Details” where you will find more information.

Thanks to this shipment locator you can use your tracking number to know where your package is. It is very easy to use and you just have to enter the tracking number and click on search. A menu will appear with the information about the status of your order. It is so simple and fast you that you can know the status of the goods at any time.

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