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Every day millions of shipments travel the world in search of their destination address. Something that has multiplied with online purchases that prevent us from moving to establishments, but that force us to be aware of the situation of one or several parcel shipments to our home. The worst of all is that this usually happens with different transport companies, which in turn have different systems to track shipments and that are a real hassle to use.  The Express Mail Service (EMS) is the fastest of the international postal services, which consists of collecting, transmitting and distributing correspondence, documents or merchandise whose main character is the priority in its final delivery.

ems china post parcel shipping trackingThe EMS is the service located at the forefront of the services provided by China post, as it is the fastest in the admission, transport, and delivery of all types of documents, commercial samples and merchandise in the shortest time, putting into practice the principles of comfort, speed, and safety. The delivery is made in person to the recipient that appears in the EMS, through postmen of the mail of the country of destination.

EMS (Express Mail Service) is a type of international shipping service that works with the postal service of each participating country for the delivery of international or domestic packages. It is imperative to have the capacity to track the advance of the shipment to see when the bundle was dispatched and expect its entry. Get your shipping number of the person or company that will transport your package. In most cases, it will be provided to you automatically as part of the receipt of the transaction and shipment.

Enter the shipping number as well as the verification code that will be provided to you on the EMS page, below the place where you wrote the dispatch number. You will be provided with a box, at the top left of the web page, to enter these codes without having to click previously on the “Tracking” button. Observe where your bundle is found. The status of the shipment may not be refreshed once a day and your bundle may stay a few days in traditions before leaving the nation of inception to be coordinated to another. Delivery service for correspondence and/or parcels nationwide, with coverage to the 24 provinces of the country and priority delivery!

Form of delivery: under signature, stamp or signature

Maximum dimensions: 2 x 1.5 x 6 meters per package

Maximum weight: no limit

Attempts to deliver: 2

Tracking and tracking: via website / corporate website Insurance: optional

Coverage: a National level

Segment: Natural or legal person and corporate


Contact the company if the package shows no progress after one or two weeks.

Shipping numbers can often appear incorrectly as a result of a bad translation. Most international shipping companies work hard to provide good customer service and will find the correct number in case they have given you the wrong one.

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