How Long Does It Take Shipping From China To UK

tracking the shipping time from China to UKTracking the shipping time from China to UK. Often, when customers ask couriers on transit time to get your package to your port, we like to add a week on established by the line of shipping transit time. To this, often again saying that your forwarding company told them that it takes them one week less. According to Drewry Shipping Consultants, only around 65% of vessels are on time on average. We like to give an account of this contingency, because ships are seldom “at time”. ” In fact, according to Drewry Shipping Consultants research, on average, only around 65% of vessels are “a tiempo”, so that transit times cited by carriers always must be taken with some caution” There are several reasons for the delays and some of these causes are preventable, and we see we can do it to prevent or minimize the risk of these delays, while others are simply inevitable.

Tracking the shipping time from China to UK – Container not returned to backing by cut-off date

The container is normally loaded on the premises of the supplier and then sent back to the container in the port yard. Whenever you book a slot in the vessel, the shipping line emits a date of “cut-off”, which is the date in which the loaded container must be returned at the port. Often, for various reasons, the container is not returned in time, which means that the container loses scheduled boat.

This is probably the most common reason for delays in the maritime shipping due to problems during internal transport problems discovered during the “inspección of cargoes” that require negotiation with suppliers or working,

Tracking the shipping time from China to UK – China Customs delays due to improper documentation

There are several related paperwork problems that can cause delays of customs clearance of your shipment to China, such as for example does not have the correct documentation for their products.

Customs inspections

Customs in “home port” and “port of destination” select a proportion of the containers for inspection. Every custom has its own policy to select containers which will be verified, but this is usually based on some factors, such as the risk profile of a particular product or the history of the exporter, but it can also be random.

Customs in the importing country are usually more concerned about what enters, to the customs in the country of export, however, the percentage of selected for inspection containers can vary significantly and depends on several factors such as policies of import and export of a country, risk management systems and priorities.

Tracking the shipping time from China to UK – Time of transit to the United Kingdom

When you send the goods by sea, most of the vessels have a 28-35 days estimated transit time at sea once the ship takes off from the port of loading. As the boats rarely arrive on time, it is good practice to stay 3-4 days for your contingency planning.

Tracking the shipping time from China to UK, You can add other 3-7 days for clearance of customs and logistics in the United Kingdom, so that their products reach its warehouse in the case of a shipment of 7 to 10 days in the event of a delivery of LCL and FCL.

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