How Long Does It Take Shipping From China To USA

Tracking the shipping time from China to Usa.

Tracking the shipping time from China to Usa

To date, agreements of free trade between China and the United States allow that trade between the two countries is very simple. China has become one of the most important exporters in the world, and Alibaba and AliExpress are two of the most commonly used platforms by professionals and individual users. However, it is important to be aware of possible changes and restrictions related to import to the United States from Asia.

You can now buy in China using your address in United States. You will receive your order of 15 to 20 days from the time the seller made the shipment from China to your home. Here’s how it works; Tracking the shipping time from China to Usa:

  • Go to the site of your favorite seller in China such as or (China).
  • Make your order in line with the chinese seller.
  • Use the address in United States which you assigned as shipping address.
  • Instructs the seller to perform the shipment using China Post ePacket.
  • China Post has an agreement with the postal service of United States (USPS) and usually you will receive your shipment in your American address by USPS within 9 to 12 days using ePacket. You must insist the seller make ePacket shipping, otherwise it would take 60 to 80 days to arrive for service regular China Post.
  • The maximum weight that may be forwarded by ePacket is 2 kilos.
  • Your seller shall provide tracking of your shipment using ePacket of China Post. It is necessary that you apply for the China Post package tracking number.
  • You can also track your package from the China Post tracking site.
  • USPS service will make the delivery to your address free of taxes in the United States usually within 9 to 12 days depending on if your order is in existence, or if a custom order such as a dress, in these cases may take longer.
  • The maximum value accepted by customs in the USA without paying taxes is US$ 800.00.
  • The time of transit door to door are subject a: Tracking the shipping time from China to Usa. The time of transit of China Post to Miami by USPS – (usually from 9 to 12 days). The realization of your payment of any VAT tax on purchases over US$ 300. Upon receipt of your purchase in Miami, CDF will let you know the amount of VAT that you have to pay and you will be charged cargo tax of tax owed. (16% of the value of the goods with value greater than US$ 300.00), Your package may delay if the seller does not declare the proper value of the purchase. The Chinese seller must include an invoice in your package showing the precise cost of the purchase.

As we see, there are many factors that affect the arrival of the product bought in China, the liability of the seller, the Customs Office, if the boat trip is not very slow, and after arriving in United States, arriving at the entrance of your home. All these factors take into account when making purchases in China.

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