The best apps to track packages and tracks

TrackChecker2 is one of the most complete and reliable applications of this type. It allows unlimited tracking of shipments, offering the same information that we would find on the carrier’s website, since it connects to it to obtain the data.

In its database it has more than 300 agencies and services of mail, being present the most known of the planet, as well as the typical postal services of each country, although the list grows frequently. You can update manually or the application will periodically do it automatically, notifying the news. It has desktop widget, organizational options, settings for importing and exporting data and much more. The best thing is that it is completely free.


Deliveries Package Tracker
Deliveries Package Tracker enjoys a very intuitive interface and with the already classic sliding side menu that allows access to different categories by agencies, shipping status and others. A good detail is that it is also adapted to tablets, leaving a double column of information in sight.

Like the previous one, you choose whether to check the news of the shipments manually, or let the app do it for you, it has push notifications and the list of transport agencies is huge, you can see them all on your website. It allows to visualize in a map where is the purchase, has widget and own system of synchronization between devices. It’s free, but with an in-app payment you can get rid of ads and have more customization options.


AfterShip – Shipping Tracking
AfterShip considerably improves its appearance compared to the previous ones. It is capable of tracking packages of more than 200 messaging services (you can see them all in your description on Google Play).

It alerts you of changes via notifications, automatically detects the transport agency when you enter the code or you can also add tracking by scanning bar codes. It’s free and has no ads, it’s worth checking it out.



TodoTracking It is an application fully developed in Spain. The number of compatible companies is not as wide as in others, but among them are the most important of those operating in Spanish territory.

Simply enter the tracking number of the package and wait for its status to be updated, TodoTracking will continuously inform you of your situation. It’s free, with an advertising banner on the bottom.

Of course, you can always choose to go directly to the carrier’s website from the web browser of your smartphone or search if the company in question has an available app.

As you see, there are many alternatives but all with the same purpose, to take a control of the trip of our order from the warehouse to the door of house, perfect to know at all times where the packages are and also to help us to get an idea of When it will arrive and be alert.

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