Through which shipping company has been shipped my package from China and how can I track it

The following tracking numbers are sent by a certified shipment. You can check it here. Remember that the tracking number is in the order details, and that tracking numbers may take up to 10 business days to run.

Start in R and end in CN: Chinapost
It ends at HK: Hong Kong Post
Finished in SG: Singapore Post
Finished in NL: Netherland Post

Sending China is also done as a priority so it usually arrives very fast, in about 15/20 days you have it at home (IN GENERAL). It should be noted that this shipment is not delivered by the normal postman if not the one in charge of urgent shipments, which comes either by motorcycle or van, and can happen both morning and afternoon. They have 3 delivery attempts, and can notify you with an email or a message as they will deliver the package that same day.

The following tracking numbers are “ordinary”, which means that, even if you can track the transport company’s website, from experience we can say that the information you provide is false or unreliable, especially the one that goes out to From the arrival to the country of destination, since an ordinary shipment is NOT TRACEABLE. As soon as it reaches the country of destination, the track is lost.

Finish J: Ordinary China Post (can not be tracked).
Starts with WD: Wedo (ordinary, can not be tracked).
It starts with PP: PayPal package (ordinary, can not be tracked).
Starts with YC: Yanwen (ordinary, can not be tracked).
Starts with WS: WS-shipping (ordinary, can not be tracked).
They are all numbers: Ordinary shipping.


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