How to track a parcel from China

There are many doubts that attack in a first purchase to shops and people living in China and especially if the seller does not tell you where to follow the parcel. So let’s see where to keep track of parcels shipped from China.

The first thing is to know that Chinese vendors use a multitude of shipping companies (usually similar to emails but there) through which they send the packages, so it is not strange that you can find even in the same order two or more types of code in saw or tracking. This is because they make the shipment thinking about the best way to send it (and also depending on the prices they give by size) so that the packages do not stand in customs and occur that kind of inconvenience.


How many types of China trackings are there?

The truth is that it is a bit difficult to realize, but we will try to encompass them all, for the moment you can say that there are a few, but we also note that there are urgent transport companies in addition to ordinary mail (which is the majority of cases). You could say that there are so many different tracking codes as transport companies that bring packages there. We will try to explain a bit the codes for us to understand and where to track Chinese packages.


When will I receive the tracking number of my order to China?

This is an important point, because you don’t always get this code. This type of code is available for packages that are sent by the service known as Airmail registered. This type of service allows us to track the package we have ordered with a small inconvenience, and is that it usually has an additional cost.

When we place an order in any Chinese store we can find the shipping free, and then we can select other shipping modalities. Some of these stores will give us the code automatically if we spend more than some amount, and in other cases we will pay a few dollars (some dollars) for having this service. There already comes into play our need to be able to track, but of course, sometimes it is better to have a “test” that our package is on the way and not just wait to open a dispute.

Usually if we have ordered a package in which we provide tracking service, we should receive it as soon as the seller requests the collection of the package (we should send it), and this depends directly on the shipping time (not delivery) that has stipulated the Salesperson, that is, the time it takes to prepare and send the package. As much is usually delayed for up to three days (after shipment) before it begins to be worrisome.


Where to follow an order in RRXXXXXXXXXCN format

This type of tracking can have many meanings, is composed of two initial letters, followed by 9 digits and two other letters at the end. The two initial letters refer to the packet’s shipping type, the numbers would be the packet code followed at the end of two letters. The last two characters of a Chinese tracking refer to the country of origin, so almost always when we buy in China will be CN. To track these packages we can enter any of these sites:


Where to follow an order in 006699032509 format

Sometimes we can find a tracking that may be strange for the simple fact that we are not accustomed to see it with this nomenclature. It is common to fall into the error of thinking that may be the seller’s internal order number, however it is a postal company that handles its handling. This code is 12 digits without any letter and is usually sent by China Post. You can see the state of the same from here:


Where to follow an order in WD019197863CN format

In this case the package will start with two letters as in point one, with the difference that they are WD, with its 9 digits and ending in CN. In this case we are in front of an independent transport company, WeDo, that is dedicated to the transport of unregistered packages, ie, that will end up in the mailbox without having to sign anything. To keep track of this type of shipments will touch us through the hoop and finish on the company’s website:


Where to follow an order type WS190776577CN

Here we are presented a case similar to the previous one, but with another initial numbering. WS is not an official number of China post, is a tracking of a private company and we can track from here:


Tracking packages from China with 11 numbers such as 44013877661

These are somewhat rare, because they have no lyrics that give us clues on what messaging it takes, usually are some low cost and you can follow it on this page:


Where to follow an order as WR001064585YP

Orders from China starting with WR and end with YP are usually Yanwen Post, so we can follow them from their page:

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