Track China Post transit time from China to the U.S.

Trade agreements between China and the United States, makes trade between the two countries extremely easy.

China has become one of the world’s most important exporters, and Alibaba and AliExpress are one of the most commonly used platforms for professionals, however, it is important to keep in mind the achievable changes and restrictions related to US imports from Asia. You can currently store a list of Chinese victims in your address. You may receive your order within fifteen to twenty days after the seller has shipped the goods from China to your home.

Tracking transit times from China to the United States:

Go to your favorite merchant’s location in China, such as,,, or (China). Be consistent with Chinese businessmen. Use your address. The address you specified as the shipping address. Instruct the supplier to execute the China Post ePacket where the cargo was victimized. China Post has an associated agreement with your communication. s. (USPS), usually you may receive the goods through your USPS at your delivery address within 9 to 12 days after the ePacket was shipped.

The maximum weight that ePacket will forward is two kilograms. Your merchant should investigate your ePacket for cargo infringement caused by China Post. All you need to do is simply apply for China Post Parcel Chase Variety. You can also track packages from the China Post Chase website. The United States Postal Service (USPS) can create delivery to your address without paying taxes in the United States.

Your order is usually estimated within 9 to 12 days, or a custom order (such as a dress) may take longer in these cases. U.S. Customs accepts a maximum price of $ 800.00 without paying taxes. The door-to-door transit time is a problem: chasing the transit time from China to the United States, that is, you pay any value-added tax for products that cost more than three hundred dollars. When you receive a purchase in Miami, the CDF will let you know how much VAT is due and may charge you for the product tax owed. (16% of products valued at more than three hundred dollars), your packaging may be delayed if the seller does not declare the correct purchase price. The Chinese merchant should include the relevant invoice in your package to show the exact price of the acquisition.

We see that there are several factors that will affect the arrival of goods purchased in China, the responsibility of the seller, the customs workplace, if travel by boat is not very slow, and when to enter the United States.

Once purchased in China, one of these factors will be taken into account. China Express, FedEx and UPS, two large domestic courier companies in the United States, are also common choices for Sino-US delivery. Therefore, there are also different major international courier companies such as DHL and trinitrotoluene. Like mail, this method is simple: it’s usually easy to find rates online, and there is no suitable quote. Just like choosing different ways, most travel agencies will also provide absolute choices. If the value of the product exceeds $ 800, U.S. customs apply, but customs clearance can be much easier than by air or sea.

The importer wants to buy a large amount of inventory and suffers sea or air transportation, and before the huge contract language exchange with the supplier, the traveler should organize an urgently needed cargo. This fashion tested the waters along with product sales. It also helps to estimate profitability: the value of this shipment is associated with the higher limit of current shipping costs.

Shipping from China; Everything you need to know.

With regard to transportation from China to the United States, freight costs and transit time are the two biggest issues that any supply chain manager thinks of. However, what you get is what you pay for … and paying less means slower delivery. This is the way to ship from China. delivery time More information about shipping methods Freight insurance etc.

What is the cheapest way to travel from China to the United States? Freight is usually one of the most important factors affecting China’s transportation costs.

Send a parcel from China
If you are importing small items, such as samples of new products, shipping costs can be
high. This will take you more and take longer. You can safely fall behind:

Regular post
For low-volume products and low-volume products, mailing may be the most economical shipping method. For example, China Post offers several mailing methods: air / SAL or land parcel for small parcels; air parcels for large parcels, EMS / China International Express and EUB priority system for selling or parcel mail and parcels. But double check each option and compare shipping costs. The heavier the packaging, the cheaper the courier (courier) price. When mail is cheap, you will also look for longer waiting times.

Speedpost option (China Speedpost)
Whether it is DHL, UPS or TNT, using international express (also known as express freight) is usually more reliable and faster. As a rule of thumb, express parcels are the cheapest way to transport packages that weigh less than 150 kg or have a short delivery time (about 5 kg per kg). Please note, however, that if you are not a registered user, some couriers will receive astronomical figures. Compare your Chinese imports to more than 75 shipping companies Enter shipping quote goods Air Freight from China Standard air freight is about 3 kilograms per kilogram, which is the cheapest option to transport between 150 kilograms and 500 kilograms. In its size, very light loads can be weighed relative to one-dimensional weight rather than actual weight. For larger delivery sizes and originality / destination pairs, LCL (less than the container load) may be much cheaper than air freight, so be sure to check!

Ship from China. Once the cargo weighs more than 500 kg, transportation becomes the cheapest option. Shipping offers huge economies of scale (some ships can carry 20,000 20-foot containers). Some freight forwarders have recently started to provide quality services, often referred to as express freight, which are more expensive than regular shipping. As with air freight, sea freight prices vary widely between carriers and change again over time. You can even start shopping immediately with our handy shipping calculator. This will give you fast shipping estimates by air and sea.



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