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china post tracking to us

How to track a package from China Post to my country

More and more people decide to buy goods from Chinese sites that are much cheaper than in our own countries.

However, many who order for the first time do not know how to check where the package is currently located, since it takes a long time to arrive. Tracking shipments is an important phase in online shopping, especially since the package arrives from distant parts of the world.

What tracking number codes are there?

Some sites have their own built-in shipment tracking system and are located somewhere on the site, most often somewhere near the order page. The tracking code is usually either the order number or some of them generated in their database. is an example of one such site (more details later).

And some sites offer a tracking code that can be of a general format and can be tracked anywhere in the world, or some local that can only be tracked until the package leaves the country from which it is sent.

Some companies have their own personal tracking codes which contain more information, but such codes are tracked on the official website and they are not the subject of this article, e.g. UPS, DHL and the like.

Where to find China Post tracking code of your order?

the tracking code is mostly found in the order details on the site where you purchased the product. Sometimes the Tracking Code is the order number itself. If “Tracking code / number:” is not written somewhere in the order information, then the order number itself is probably the tracking code.

1) If the site has its own tracking system, find that page and enter the code. Example at

The order page contains the order number, which is the tracking code.
The order can be tracked at this link:
You can also see the status of the shipment on the order page itself
If not, then you can try other sites that are used for that, which will be discussed below.

2) If the site offers a tracking code, you can find it in the order. Example for Aliexpress:

The code can be of a general format, as an example in the picture above, or a local code that is somewhat different, there are no letters in it but only numbers. You can follow such codes of general format as in the pictures on the site of our post office –, not all the others, at least I didn’t succeed.

Where to track the package number codes?

The most popular and best site I have come across is because it has a really large database of courier services. The site itself is nicely done, there is even an application for phones.

It is very easy to use, has a lot of options, and clear results. I will not explain how it is used because everything is understandable at first glance, and if someone is still interested in the details, they can find everything about this service here: TRACK CHINA POST

If no service can find the code in the database, then see if there is a link in the order information that leads to the site to track that shipment. Often the seller offers a Chinese site, but we usually can’t track the shipment after it leaves China.

Note: sometimes codes are not inserted into the tracking database on that day, sometimes waiting is 5 to 7 days. If even after 10 days the code is not found in the database, you can just wait for the package. If the package does not arrive, you have the right to request another or a refund, but all this is relative from site to site.

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  • Yanwen Express and Economic Air-mail Worldwide Shipping Times

    Yanwen shipping time status and worldwide Shipping Times from China

    Yanwen Express and Economic Air-mail Worldwide Shipping Times

    Beijing Yanwen Logistics Co. Ltd was well-founded in 1998 as a premier complete service delivery provider of trans-border e-business supply in China. Now, in cross-border transport logistics, Yanwen Logistics plays a role like a leading enterprise. Especially Yanwen is committed to delivery business in the cross-border export express. It has two types of service licenses: an International Air-mail business and the other is an International Express business.

    With dual binary certificates business, Yanwen is acting only cross-border logistics organization. It supplies plain-sale servicing to about 50 cities across the country and controls mass cross-border coordination lines to extend above 200 countries worldwide. To deliver their country made products to the world is its mission where their vision is to turn into the most faithful partner of cross-border e-business logistics.

    Yanwen depends on its own established working system and up-to-date smart logistics gear to fabricate a technological and analytical logistics system. Expanding the worldwide network, this company paying attention to develop the service standard keeps up to invest in the configuration of logistics foundation.

    Yanwen shipping time has already become widely acclaimed around the world. Now it’s your time to go with Yanwen.

    Delivery Option of Yanwen

    There are many delivery options. We are going to discuss these option below:

    ❖ Yanwen Express:

    It is the fastest delivery option offered by Yanwen. Buyer can track their goods from China to the journey’s end, all the way when they are using these express packages from Yanwen. The tracking number format of this package begins and ends with two English capital letters containing nine numbers. Commonly they use VR or UR as their first two letters and use YP as last letters. For example, your tracking number format can be VR123456789YP.

    But it is not fixed, after reaching the package to the buyer’s country, which can be changed but Yanwen always supplies the new tracking number. Although you can track your parcel using your original tracking number.

    ❖Yanwen Economic Air Mail:

    The Yanwen Economic Air Mail is the most well-known delivering option of Yanwen. Most of the sellers often choose this option to deliver their products.

    This shipment package mainly used to ship the goods which are under 2 kgs in weight. The cause of low prices and short shipping times makes this Airmail option becoming the most famous method.

    Like Yanwen Express, Air Mail is not trackable all the way; it only can be tracked up to reach the buyer’s country.

    Air Economy Mail format can be those:

    UB123456789YP – Yanwen Air Economy Mail (UPU format)

    VO1234567891234567VA – Yanwen Air Economy Mai

    LP12345678912345 – Yanwen Air Economy Mai

    PCLP1234567891234567891 – Yanwen Air Economy Mai

    AA1234567890YN – Yanwen Air Economy Mai

    ❖ Yanwen Special Line YW:

    To Ship from China, Yanwen uses this unique option called the Special Line YW method. They sent this package through Air cargo to the buyer’s country. After reaching the destination country, they use the local courier or the post office to deliver the buyer’s goods. This delivery package is used to quicken the shipping times.

    Nowadays, Yanwen takes low shipping time and other processes they using to deliver the goods is undoubtedly deserve the praises.

    How Long Does Yanwen Shipping Time Take to Reach

    Yanwen shipping time depends on the chosen delivery option.

    For instance, the Yanwen Special Line option is a profitable method. Under a standard environment, shipping time takes about 10-15 days in conformity with different journey’s end country. But in unusual circumstances like COVID-19, severe weather period, remote areas, policy maintains, or other facts shipping time may cause longer.

    We’re going to show you the scenario about that:

    yanwen shipping time to

    How to Track Your Parcel

    When you purchased after that, you’ll get a Yanwen tracking ID. You can track your parcel using the search box above their website. Just input your tracking ID in the box and hit the “Find” button to get the information.

    After showing the result page, you will find there all the necessary information you needed.


    Which Countries Approved by The Yanwen Economic Air Mail?

    Yanwen shipping time status and worldwide Shipping Times from China

    How Can I Contact With Yanwen Customer Service?

    If you face any problem to get your parcel comfortably, you can communicate with Yanwen customer service at any time. You can call them using their official service centre number.
    Here is their contact number below:

    ➢ If you’re from China, call them the following: 400-108-5656.

    ➢ If you’re outside of China, call them the following: +86 755 8251 28889

    Is Yanwen Trusted?

    As Yanwen has continued since 1998, they already prove their reliability. Because of its trustworthy and optimized logistics solution, most of the merchants like to utilize their service. On the other hand, Yanwen almost gains the shipment partnership with all the International couriers like UPS Express, DHL, China Post, etc.

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  • how long does chinapost shipping take to US

    How long does yanwen shipping take to US

    Your purchase in Chinese Marketplace will be shipping through the Yanwen service to the U.S.

    So, how long you will wait for delivery?, Shipments from China via this service are usually waited for 4-20 days and there is no reason to worry if the shipment is a little late, as this is one of the most popular post offices in China and they are very busy.

    Due to the new coronavirus, some airlines that transport shipments from the United States to China, but also in the opposite direction, have temporarily stopped their flights, so the citizens of the region receive the goods they ordered online with a delay.

    Buying products from China online through the Ali Express and Alibaba sites is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, so due to the stopped air traffic these days, many are wondering if they will get what they ordered.

    However, as explained, this does not mean that shipments whose contents were purchased on Aliexpress will not reach the recipient.

    Large e-shops have long had their branches in other parts of the world. So, even though the goods were ordered on Aliexpres, it does not mean that they “come” from China.

    As the corona virus subsides, we expect that deliveries from China will normalize and that packages will arrive in 7 days, as it used to be.

    Most sellers offer their customers several delivery method options, and one of them is AliExpress standard delivery. If you choose this method of delivery, then the seller from whom you bought the product will send the package to AliExpress delivery center, and from there your delivery will be sent to your location using one of the logistics providers with which AliEspress has a partnership.

    These logistics providers are different post offices in countries and delivery companies that offer their delivery services to get your order on time. Currently. In addition to these providers, there are “Singapore Post”, “DHL”, “Posti Finland”, “Correis” and others. The biggest advantage of this delivery method is that in most cases your product will be delivered free of charge, and you can usually follow the delivery process using the code provided by the seller.

    How long does it take to receive my order?

    Delivery time mainly depends on the delivery method used to ship your product and where you live. Since most of AliExpress’s sellers are located in Asia, it will take a little more time for deliveries to reach other continents. Usually the delivery time is displayed on the product page under the Delivery method menu, which is exactly correct in most cases, if you have chosen the right country at the top of the page. But there can always be delays due to various holidays or other reasons.

    Why can’t I get free shipping?

    As with delivery locations, the cost of delivery and services used to deliver products depends on the product vendor, as AliExpress generally only provides a delivery platform to both buyers and sellers. Therefore, if the seller does not offer you free delivery, you must contact the seller directly and inquire about it.

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    ¿Cuánto tarda un paquete enviado desde China a mi País?

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    better yanwen or china post

    China Post vs Yanwen

    Yanwen economic vs China Post small packet

    In this article we will talk about the two most popular options that you can choose when ordering goods from the Internet or from China, and they are china post vs yanwen.

    Yanwen Logistics is a mediator in some postal agencies (such as China Post or Hong Kong Post).

    What is YANWEN Logistics?

    YANWEN is simply a mediator between the seller and the carrier in the country of destination. The job of this agency is extremely simple, to pick up a package from China, send it and hand it over to the postal service in a foreign country.

    Chinese retailers choose YANWEN because of the ideal logistics solutions that this company offers to these retailers. The biggest feature of this company is that it cooperates with many, including China Post, DHL Global Mail, Pos Malaysia and Posti Finland.

    Yanwen packets come with tracking numbers that start with a nine-digit YC in the middle and end with a YW, such as YC123456789YW. You enter this tracking number on the Yanwen Logistics website and you can know at any time where your package is located, whether the package has arrived at Yanwen’s sorting center or has already reached its destination.

    It is important to note that you can only use these tracking numbers on their site as they are only provided for that, if you type this number on any other site that tracks shipments it simply will not work, this number is provided only for Yanwen page.

    When you order goods from China, the Yanwen package will be delivered to China Post and will be delivered to you via the standard, unofficial China Post Air Mail service.

    So, if you have a choice between Yanwen Logistics and China Post, don’t worry too much, it almost doesn’t matter what you choose, you will get the package through China Post.

    All in all both services are reliable and you don’t have to worry about purchasing a shipment, on the most famous ordering site from China both of these services are free, so if you have these two options it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

    What is YANWEN Economic Air Mail and how to track it?

    YANWEN Economic Air Mail is the most common delivery option on almost all sites that sell goods from China. A large number of AliExpress sellers (as the latest sites for selling goods from China) deliver small items with it, and not any other method of delivery (although there are alternatives, get an ePacket). Low price and timely delivery undoubtedly play a role in its popularity.

    However, as we have already said, these shipments can only be tracked in China, only on their website, if you insert the tracking code on any other page you will not receive information.

    Click here if you need to track China Post shipments with your tracking number.

    yanwen air mail

    How long does Yanwen shipping take to UK

    You ordered a shipment from China via Yanwen shipping and now are you wondering how long will you wait until the goods arrive in the UK? In this article we will reveal to you.

    Yanwen paid services usually deliver your package directly to your home address and, depending on the region, the waiting time is 4 to 20 days. More often it will be 15-20 days, but don’t be surprised if the shipment arrives in just 4-5 days.

    The problem that can delay the Yanwen delivery of goods is when the goods arrive in the UK and then go to customs. It is known that imported goods are cleared through customs in different ways depending on the category: catalog goods, international delivery, fast delivery goods. If you fit the duty free standard then there will be no problem and your goods will soon be at your door.

    For the declaration of shopping in China it is now necessary to present: a copy of the passport with registration, the order form and a photograph of the goods, the original bank account statement indicating the online store as the recipient, a copy of the bank card.

    Documents Each consignment must be accompanied by a consignment note stating the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the consignor and the consignee, with a list of contents and an indication of the declared value.
    Return packages. Theoretically, there are the following options for your actions if you want to return a package: paid (at your expense) forwarding with a new record number and filling the package and returning to the specified Chinese sender address with the same record number.In practice, everything is completely individual and is decided by opening a dispute and negotiating with the seller. Sometimes it is easier to claim a partial refund without sending the goods. The main thing is to open the dispute in time and correctly state the reason, claims as well as the necessary demands. After all, the return of the shipment is paid by the buyer, and this cost may exceed the price of the product itself. You can read about how to open a dispute properly in my next article.

    On the other hand, your Yanwen shipment can be automatically returned to the sender (at his expense) if it is not received in the mail.

    The shelf life of international shipments is 1 month. So keep this in mind if, for example, you can’t get to the post office right after receiving a notification. Please note, by the way, that you can send instead of yourself to receive a shipment from your legal representative.

    The Yanwen projected delivery time to UK is shown in the code information below your order that you track using the tracking number.

    If you do not understand the movement between Yanwen and postal companies, click the link with the text “Group by company” below the tracking status.

    Carefully read the “Record Code Information” block, there you will find Yanwen estimated delivery times and other useful information.

    If a red box titled “Pay attention!” Is displayed during tracking, read everything it says carefully.

    These blocks of information will contain 90% of the answers to all your questions.

    Yanwen economic air mail tracking

    Track Number

    Enter up to 10 numbers, one per line.


    If the seller has promised that the package will arrive in two weeks, and the shipment travels for more than two weeks, that is normal, the sellers are interested in the sale and are therefore mistaken.If less than 7-14 days have passed since the receipt of the record code and the package is not tracked, or the seller claims to have sent the package and the shipment status “subject is advised in advance” / “received electronic notification” does not change for several days, it is Normally, you can read more by clicking on the link :

    If the sending status does not change within 7 to 20 days, don’t worry, this is normal for international mail.

    If your previous orders arrived in 2-3 weeks, and the new package travels for more than a month, this is normal, because Packages go a different way, in different ways, they can wait 1 day for a plane, or maybe a week.

    If the parcel leaves the sorting center, customs, midpoint and there are no new statuses within 7 to 20 days, don’t worry, the shipment is not a courier that will take the shipment from one city to your home. In order for the new status to appear, the package must arrive, unload, scan, etc. at the next place to sort or mail, and it takes much longer than just moving from one city to another.

    If you do not understand the meaning of such statuses as Receive / Export / Import / Arrive at the place of delivery, etc., you can see the transcript of the main statuses of international mail:

    If the package is not delivered to your post office 5 days before the expiration of the protection period, you have the right to open a dispute.

    If you don’t understand anything based on the above, read this guide over and over again to complete the enlightenment;)

    Currently, the coronavirus is actively spreading in China and around the world, which is why air exchange is very limited, and package delivery is slower than usual, but on March 1, 2020, mail exchange from any of the countries has not been completely stopped.

    Don’t worry if the status of the mail / order does not change in 1-2 weeks and is able to:


  • They are waiting for the shipment
  • Sent to destination country
  • Export / export of international mail
  • Import / import of international mail

    If the shipment has already been sent and is in transit, it will most likely deliver it.

    While the protection is in effect, wait and don’t worry, if the order is not in a hurry, you can even extend


  • They are waiting for the shipment
  • Sent to destination country
  • Export / export of international mail
  • Import / import of international mail

    If the shipment has already been sent and is in transit, it will most likely deliver it.

    While the protection is in effect, wait and don’t worry, if the order is not in a hurry, you can even extend the protection period.

    Pay attention to the order protection counter and if the shipment did not arrive within the deadline specified in the order details, extend the protection period or open a dispute.

  • track my package from china

    Track packages from China to any country

    Today, ordering goods from China, namely from the official website of Aliexpress, is gaining more and more popularity.

    This is primarily due to the very low prices of goods, including clothing, footwear, all kinds of accessories, small appliances and the like, as well as a huge plus, there is free delivery of orders around the world.

    After selecting the desired product and paying for the purchase on the Aliexpress website in USA, many customers are interested in the question, how to track a package from China with Aliexpress?

    Most customers are not aware that by purchasing goods on the above website you can track the route of the goods from the seller in China to your post office to which the goods were sent.

     The process of tracking packages by ordering with Aliexpress is not a complicated process and will take a few minutes, all you need to know is the track number – a special individual barcode of the parcel.

    After paying for the order, the seller processes it, packs it and sends it to the specified address. After the package has been delivered with the order by mail, the seller informs the buyer of the code (record number) with which you can track the goods you have ordered.

    The record number to find out where the package from China with Aliexpress is from can be found in the My Orders section which can be found in the drop down menu next to the product search button on the main page of the website Aliexpress.

    Enter the record number in the form above (network tracking), then click the “Track” button.
    Online tracking – This is a universal program that will help you track a package with an order sent by various postal services.

    With this program, it is possible to track the codes (numbers) of China’s international mail to which almost most of China Post Air Mail, Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, EMS are sent – it is regular mail, as well as courier number postal companies DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, GLS, Aramex, DPD, E-Shipper, FLYT, HHEXP, SFC, XRU, etc.)

    Aliexpress packages can also be tracked by official local postal services.

    As a rule, the package is sent from China by postal service. China Post, which can be followed here

    Once a shipment leaves the borders of China, it will stop tracking on the China Post website and in the future it will be possible to track it on the websites of national postal countries, through which the package passes, and then to your local post office.

    If the shipment was sent from China by courier, for example, you can track it on the official website of this postal service DHL, EMS, etc.
    How and where can I get a package from China with Aliexpress?
    If the shipment has been delivered to the post office, you will receive a notification in the mailbox.

    The package will arrive at the department whose index you entered on the Aliexpress website at the delivery address (unless of course the goods are delivered to you by express delivery directly to your home).

    What should I do if a package from China with Aliexpress is sent by the seller’s shipping method?

    (If you see in the order description that the package has been sent).

    After paying for the purchase in the online store Jum, the customer can only wait for the goods to arrive at the specified address. As the customer knows exactly how fast his package will arrive, Joom offers tracking of its location, but not by order number, but by code number, confirmation or departure number. We will track the package and find out if it is possible to find the order by code using other services.

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    ¿Cuánto tarda un paquete enviado desde China a mi País?

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