Dropshipping from China

Dropshipping is good and extremely low start-up business model with little risk. This is the best starting point for traders before they grow to having shops. It is a very useful and effective part of supply chain management for retailers. It can be defined as when you source for products through suppliers, usually in another country like China, and then market them to your customers. That is after your customer orders for a product from you, you then send the order to your supplier and the supplier will “dropship” it directly to the customer. In this process, you do not need to hold any inventory or handle the merchandise at all. Being the retailer, you make your profit from the difference between the retail price and wholesale price.

Today in the world, there is a large demand for Chinese products and goods especially in the electronics sector. This has made many options available when searching for the right dropship Chinese wholesaler for obtaining these goods. A dropship Chinese wholesaler can be the best option to get lots of things at very reasonable prices. Most Chinese dropship wholesaler usually ensures shipping of the goods within 3 -5 days. They have good customer service available which is usually 24/7. The dropship Chinese wholesaler’s also give warranty for their goods which in sometimes is coupled with the product/goods company’s extended warranty. The dropship Chinese wholesaler would package the goods at attractive prices and for the sake of reputation ensures that they are well packaged to avoid damage. They also remove the stress of paper work and clearance required for the items as it is usually taken care of by the courier companies in most cases.

Importing goods from China is an exciting experience to many businesses but sometimes it has few issues. Sometimes, cultural barriers and differences in language can create many problems for sellers. It can be rather difficult to negotiate with a language barrier but its solvable. Once you finally establish communication with them, you can then begin to ask for more information like pictures of the products and any other thing you want to see. Also, take note of the product quality when ordering especially for product with no brand name. They are difficult to know if they are real or not. For those who are new to dropshipping, questions like, how do you pay? will your money disappear? Will be on your mind. Well most Chinese wholesalers only accept payment through wire transfer or Western Union. However, be cautious with these forms of payment because they are not too secure. So, in order to minimize your risk, it is advisable to start with a small product order to test the reliability of the Chinese dropship wholesaler. Then as your relationship develops over time and you see that they are trustworthy, you can then increase your product orders. But overall, many Chinese dropshippers and wholesalers are genuine and reliable people that really want to establish long-term business relationships with their customers.

Doing a dropshipping business can be very lucrative for you as a starter if you do your homework well and choose a reliable dropship supplier. So, get out there start searching for dropshippers and make sure they are worthy of your business.

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