Which company carries the shipment of my order from China and how to check the status and tracking number

There are several times we have talked about the Chinese shopping in the blog, many comments that you have left and a lot of information extremely valuable especially for those who start in this type of shopping. Ordering in china is already the order of the day from any country in the world, the problem comes when we only have a tracking number, so I will try to explain how to know which company carries our package and where to follow up.

We may find ourselves with countless pages and this article can be a bit confusing, so if once read you have not found your carrier or you can not find the tracking information on any of the pages that I leave you can put a Message and we will try to help as much as possible.

First of all I would like to clarify that it is not a single carrier, not two or three who bring packages from China, but there are a few different, and not all are companies created in that country, but we also have Russian, British , Brazilians and a few other countries. We will see all that we can find with some examples of trackings that we usually give so as to be sure that it is that company that is transporting our package, since each one uses a nomenclature to follow up.

Can I choose the shipping company?

Unfortunately the only one that can answer this question is the specific seller who is offering you the article, and since many times the purchases are in pages type Ebay or Aliexpress, which are the closest to shopping malls where each product Offer a different seller with their personal sales policies, it is practically impossible to know without asking the shipping company for which you are going to send it.

Even if we ask, many times we will respond that they send by one or the other depending on the volume of orders they have at that time, so choosing becomes a task virtually impossible.

Not so with tracking numbers, since in many stores we offer the most economic shipment, which has no tracking, and then for one or two dollars more give us the option of having the magic number that many times for the only What it does is to be worried that the package is several days in a state, when to be attentive to the time of delivery and to claim before it exceeds is usually what ends up happening whether or not you have follow up.

The list of transport companies operating from China is quite extensive and is divided into two parts, on the one hand we have the normal packages, which are ordinary mail but with tracking number or tracking. The only difference with normal mail as we have said is that we can see the progress of wherever the package, often with poor information. On the other hand we have express mail, which usually takes about a week to arrive instead of the month and peak of registered mail, and that also has some disadvantages that we will see in another article.

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