How Long Does It Take Shipping from China To Australia

tracking the shipping time from China to AustraliaTracking the shipping time from China to Australia. China is a paradise for Australian bargain hunters. However, great prices and exceptional shopping savings can lose once considered the price of shipping from China to Australia.

You can arrange to ship at low cost from China to Australia for practically anything that fits into a shipping container, including parts of automobiles, furniture, large musical instruments, fitness equipment and more.

Depending on the shipping methods you’re using, it may vary from 3 days up to one month when it comes to import from China to Australia. The most popular methods of shipping are: express mail, air freight and sea freight.

Express mail is usually a method of fast delivery and also a solution at home. It is the most expensive among all available shipping methods.

Air transport can also be an affordable option if you send light and small products. Only takes a little time to express mail. You can pick up at the airport or arrange for someone to take you to the door. Air freight is expensive, however, there are options that can offer big savings. Shipment with an experienced shipping specialist is an affordable and safe way of purchases abroad to your door.

Maritime transport is the most common method to import from China. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to reach Australia from most of China. It is a solution of port. The standard size of a container is 20GP and 40GP/40HQ. It is a very economical shipping solution for products large and bulky, such as furniture and building materials.

Maritime transport is a more economical way to deliver more heavy, bulky foreign items. We have valued an antique Chinese sideboard of a seller’s eBay in China to $1,950.00 AUD.

Whenever you read Chinese and Australian customs laws and you have not breached these laws, your package should be safely to your door. Be sure to do your research before you start the submission process for a smoother shopping experience. Do not forget that you canĀ tracking the shipping time from China to Australia.

If you are considering purchasing products from China and send them to Australia, be sure to hire a qualified supply company and an agent of freight from China. You need to have certain certificates exported to Australia.

Sea freight deadlines vary according to the export port, the port of delivery and the number of ports where the ship should dock on the way to Australia. To import goods from China to Australia, most shipping lines start from the upper part of China (the port of Beijing / Tianjin) and descend through the major ports of Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong in the South. If you have a shipment coming out of southern China and navigate directly to the major Australian ports in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the time in the water usually only 2 weeks. If you browse from the North of China, you can take an additional week in addition to this. So, to know how long does it take your shipping from China to Australia you mustĀ tracking the shipping time from China to Australia.

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